times are a changin'

tomorrow is October?  Where'd the time go?!

Well, time doesn't actually go anywhere ;) but we've definitely been busy priming, spackling, sanding, painting and mowing over the past month or so and our new home Gocara is really coming together.  That being said, here's a couple updates:

1) We'll begin seeing clients this week at Gocara :)  If you don't have the address, email Drew or Ayrin.  When you get to Gocara, you'll follow the long driveway under/through the trees to the house in the back.  Parking is currently a fluid situation... as in try to park in a way that is mindful for the comings and goings of others.  Also, please enter through the front door, knocking as you come in (don't knock and wait outside).

2) We'd like to thank you in advance for your patience as Gocara is still very much in its "becoming" phase (e.g., floors being done, furniture in weird places, walls being painted).  Please be mindful as you make your way around the property and throughout the house.

3) We're also now accepting new clients :) If you feel like Conscious Contact might be a good match for you or someone you know, give us a shout via email (info@consciouscontact.org).


Okay, that's all for now :)  Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon... including our new phone number and the grand public unveiling of our (and Gocara's) address.


Be well


introducing Ayrin :)

Well, hello there ;)

My name is Ayrin and I am bursting with excitement to finally announce that, beginning in September, I’ll be partnering with Drew in bringing to life the new, improved, and enhanced vision of Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom!

Let me briefly introduce myself... I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has owned and operated a private therapeutic practice in Mullica Hill for the past three years (prior to that I spent nine years working in community mental health and hospital settings).  My Master’s Degree is from Widener University, where I am also currently working on my PhD (almost done!).   My dissertation focuses on trauma experiences and how running can have a positive, lifelong impact on individuals.  Saving the best for last of course, I’m also Mom to the most incredible two little girls and partner to my wonderful, loving husband of 14 years.  Oh and I’m an avid runner who loves yoga, meditation, crocheting, hiking, cooking, and reading… okay enough about me.  :)

If you aren’t up to speed yet on all the awesome stuff we’ll be doing, check out Drew’s earlier post.   Drew and I will both be writing for flow so be sure to check our page often for nuggets of healing and wisdom.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are and that you’ll be joining us on the journey! 

With warmth, peace, and healing,


flow arises

welcome to flow - our new blog about all things conscious contact...  

our hope is to utilize flow to keep folks up to speed on happenings in the conscious contact universe (and there are definitely some happenings happening!) but as we all know, how we intend things to go and how they turn out are often quite far apart... so we'll see how it goes ;)

okay, so onto the happenings...

to start, we've tweaked our name a little- Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom -  to more accurately reflect our mission and what we'll be focusing on... we also went and made ourselves a sweet new logo to go with the new name... bonus points for anybody who might be able to identify some of the symbology of the new logo in the comments below ;) in addition, in the coming weeks we'll be announcing and introducing an amazing healer and guide who will be joining conscious contact... super pumped for that... maybe we'll get her to write something up for flow ! and finally we will also be relocating to a new spot (only a couple minutes down the road) that you'll have to see to believe... seriously, its amazing...  okay, still with me? good... there's more ;)

we're also in the process of becoming an approved continuing education provider for a variety of health and education professions... we'll keep you posted on that as it unfolds but we're currently targeting October/November for our first offerings... and we're in the early stages of creating a clinical supervision program for mental health professionals that will not only emphasize self-care, but include it as a mandatory part of the supervision program... yes counselors and therapists, this means you're actually going to have to practice what you preach ;)

of course, in addition to everything above,  Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom will continue offering counseling and guidance services as well as seminars, presentations, and groups on a wide variety of topics...  oh, and last but not least, our signature intensive programs will be back and better than ever too!  

okay, that's enough for now... we're currently thinking early september for new clients but we'll keep you posted... phew... ok i'm done... we're pretty excited... we hope you are too :)


Many Blessings,